Slimline Pools – Everything You Need to Know

    Looking for pool options that can fit into your small backyard? Thanks to slimline pools, you have compact yet lap practice-worthy choices available. Choosing the right pool for your family can be tricky and the task becomes more difficult if you don’t have enough space to accommodate a big pool in your home.

    A slimline pool is an ideal choice when you want a pool that will not take up the entire space in your small backyard and will also serve the purpose of a family swimming pool. Fibreglass slimline pools are like any other fibreglass pool, just narrow and longish. A slimline pool installed on your property can be the statement piece that you are looking for in your narrow backyard.

    What is a slimline pool?

    The name says it all! Slimline pools can be called space-efficient pools. They are narrow pools that are great for swimming as well as spending some family time enjoying some splish-splash on hot days.

    Slimline pools are larger than lap pools, dipping pools, or plunge pools but smaller than a regular swimming pool. These pools offer all the facilities of a swimming pool but occupy much lesser space compared to regular size pools. Slimline pools are also the right choice for those who are serious swimmers and want a pool for swimming practice in their homes. Slimline pools are rectangular with a shorter width.

    Slimline pools are not just good for maintaining your fitness regime. These pools can be just like any other pool when it comes to entertaining your guests and hosting parties by the poolside. A slimline pool can accommodate several people at the same time. Being slimmer in size does not make slimline pools any less attractive in looks or features.

    For quick installation, fibreglass slimline pools are an excellent choice. Quality fibreglass slimline pools are designed in many sizes and depths, equipped with all the regular safety features. Non-slip surface, safety steps into the shallow end, seamless paving all around the pool, smooth edges, you can find all these in fibreglass slimline pools. Additionally, fibreglass pools are known for their ease of cleaning, maintenance, and heating.

    Are slimline pools available in different sizes?

    Fibreglass slimline pools come in a range of sizes to suit all kinds of spaces. You can select one that fits well into your backyard. Fibreglass slimline pools are available in sizes that start around 4.2 metres in width and go up to 10.5 metres in length. Even the smallest size, which may be close to 2.8m x 6.2m, has enough space to allow you to swim comfortably.

    All the sizes have one similarity: they are narrow and rectangular. Most pools have wide safety ledges all around the proximity of the pool. They are designed thoughtfully to allow comfortable swimming laps, safety, and relaxation.

    How fast can a slimline pool be installed?

    All fibreglass pools can be installed way quicker than constructing concrete pools. As slimline pools are narrower and more compact compared to regular pools, they can be installed within a week or so. If you have all the required permissions in place, an ideally flat backyard, all you need to do is choose the size and contact a reliable fibreglass pool company to do the job. In good weather, the installation is quick and easy after the factory-made fibreglass pool shell is delivered to your home.

    Is it possible to customise a slimline pool?

    The shape of fibreglass slimline pools cannot be changed as they come pre-made from the factory. But that gives fibreglass pools many advantages. They are quick to install, are virtually non-porous, have a gel-coated smooth surface, are highly durable, and are easy to clean and maintain.

    However, you can enhance your slimline pool with several innovative luxury features for a better pool experience. Some of the possibilities are –

    Heating: If you want to enjoy a year-round pool experience, heating a fibreglass slimline pool can be an economical option. Owing to the slimmer design, these pools heat up fast, saving your energy bills.

    Spa Jets: Swim spas are in-demand features in slimline pools. These jets offer ultimate relaxation by massaging your body. They are great for soothing the body and relieving aches and pains and work as aquatic therapy. Spa jets can be used as resistance swim current by serious swimming enthusiasts who include swimming in their workout routine. Spa jets can make your slimline pool multifunctional, taking your pool experience to the next level.

    Mood lighting: If you like dramatic effects, a mysterious touch, and vibrancy, mood lighting in your pool can make your slimline pool look magical at night. Mood lighting also improves visibility in darkness when you want to enjoy swimming after the sun has gone down. Lighting also allows you to enjoy the effect of spa jets, bubblers, and other special features in your pool. Mood enhancing lighting allows you to extend pool use even at night and allows you to enjoy a resort-like experience at home. Mood lighting has practical and aesthetic benefits that you cannot ignore.

    Spa design: You can incorporate spa designs with your slimline pool. Isn’t that exciting? Introducing spa designs to enhance your pool means adding more features to improve the experience. Don’t forget that spa designs placed on the edges of your slimline pool can also add value to your property. These innovative inclusions to the pools can create a stream, bubble effect, water cascade, and whirlpool effect in your fibreglass slimline pool.

    Why should you invest in a slimline pool?

    Slimline pools have many benefits. Before investing in one, it is practical to weigh the pros and cons. Apart from the smaller size, slimline pools have no major disadvantages. Here are some of the biggest advantages of including a fibreglass slimline swimming pool in your backyard.

    1. Space-saving – As already discussed, slimline pools take up lease space and are the most compact pool choice for homes with a space crunch. With designs available fit to suit various dimensions, you can fit one even in the tightest spot.
    2. Safe – With a slimline pool in your home, you can enjoy all the benefits of a pool. Fibreglass slimline pools are designed with the safety of the users in mind. The non-slip surface, seamless design, smooth edges, and convenient stairs at the pool entrance make them safe for children as well as the elderly. A slimline pool can be a perfect family pool where you can relax and enjoy.
    3. Multifunctional – Slimline pools offer the advantages of relaxation as well as exercise. They are comfortable for swimming laps and dipping to beat the heat.
    4. Appealing design – If you choose to go with a slimline pool, you do not have to compromise on the aesthetics in any way. Fibreglass slimline pools are available in attractive designs that will enhance the beauty and elegance of your backyard.

    How much do slimline pools cost?

    Slimline fibreglass pools are quite cost-effective. The cost varies according to the size and finish of the pool. It will also depend on the special features that you may want to include to enrich your pool experience. Contact factory pools perth in your area to get a precise idea about how much it will cost to install a slimline pool in your home.