What Can I Do To Save Water in My Bathroom?

    Climate change is a reality not only proved by science, but made evident by reading worldwide news: Heat waves and blizzards simultaneously in different parts of a same country, severe droughts in America while there are unending rains and floods in Asia, sea levels rising, melting icebergs and glaciers, and the headlines go on and on. For the last decade or so, we have register record-breaking high temperatures each year compared to the previous one.

    In this context, water is rapidly becoming a more precious and endangered resource. And while it is true that it is very little what we can individually contribute to stop climate change in the grand scheme of things, we can certainly help in our own turf, starting with our home and our family. It is most definitely a start.

    One of the most wasteful places for water is very near us: our own bathroom, restroom or toilet. Stop to think about it for a second: How long does it take you to shower? What about your children? Do you stop the tap while you brush your teeth, shampoo your head or wash yourself? When was the last time you checked your toilet, faucet or showerhead for leaks?

    A little action like completely turning off the water while you brush your teeth can result in a significant saving of water in the long run. Just picture this: A regular showerhead can release as much as 12 liters per minute, which amounts to 240 litters for a 20-minute shower. That means a household of four could spend almost 1.000 litters a day just showering.

    But you know what? You are not alone!

    Introducing Acqua Tempus, a shower timer that cuts off water. It is a patented technology that allows you to establish a maximum limit of time for water release in the shower, thus helping you and your family more closely control the amount of water (and energy) you use.

    This little change will go a long way in making you and your family more resource-efficient and environmentally conscious. Acqua Tempus is very simple device to install, program and use. It does not require plumbing or additional electrical installations. It has a battery that recharges itself with the flow of water. It also has a water leak sensor: in case someone leaves the tap open, it will automatically close the tap to prevent any waste.

    Combine the use of Acqua Tempus with additional actions like installing a more efficient and modern toilet, designed to use less water to flush, as well as constantly checking all the plumbing in your bathroom for leaks, and you’ll start making your own contribution to stopping climate change.

    Talk and educate your children (and maybe even your spouse) on being more conscious of the use of water when cleaning up. Teach them by example, even make a game out of it!

    Acqua Tempus is a proprietary design by Arelia, a Spanish company committed to the efficient use of water and energy, focused on designing and promoting new technologies to stop climate change.

    Arelia products are available worldwide. They will not only help you save water, energy and money, but also help our beloved planet. Arelia can be your greatest ally in reducing the impact of climate change and contributing to a better world for our children and ourselves.