Best Places in the UK to Visit

    The UK is a massive area with a diverse range of cities to visit. They each have their own charm, with their own personalities too. Here are some of the best places that you should have on your agenda…


    The Scottish capital is full of sights to see, places to eat and unique experiences. Though most people think of the castle when they think of this city, the reality is that there’s so much more to enjoy. They have a unique food style, loads of landmarks to view and plenty of free activities to get up to.

    Whether you’re visiting this area with kids or for a grown up weekend, you’ll find that there are plenty of things to do. There are plenty of haunted tours for you to undertake in this city too – if you’re feeling brave that is!


    This city has had a major revival in recent years, with new places to eat and enjoy yourself. The thriving food and drink scene in the city has led to a hipster crowd enjoying everything the city has to offer. There are fantastic shopping locations and plenty to do too.

    Some of the most interesting activities in this city can be enjoyed for free too. This is the perfect getaway with kids or just for some frugal fun.


    While you might not think of Kent as a hotspot for tourists, this area has a lot to offer. There are plenty of things to do Kent based that you can do while visiting. This is a great area to take your kids or to spend a long weekend, as it offers a variety of experiences.

    There are many different restaurants and bars in this area, with unique themes that will be sure to delight. Make the most of a visit here by checking out local listings too, as you might just stumble on something fun.


    This city is massive and filled with all sorts of different things to do. Whether you fancy a bohemian AirBNB or a five star hotel, you’ll feel catered to in this city. With plenty of free arts and culture activities, you won’t go wrong with this city.

    The downside to having all of this choice in the capital is that some areas can be quite expensive. If you shop around for good places to eat and drink, you can still enjoy yourself on a budget. You can also look into finding apartment style accommodation that gives you the option to cook your own food.

    As you make your way around the city, you might just come across some hidden gems. With new places popping up on a daily basis, you can find something brand new and interesting to look forward to. Who knows what you might stumble across?

    The UK is incredibly varied and there’s a lot to do in each of these cities. Choose a city with a vibe that appeals to you to enjoy some time away in a new city.

    Image: Pixabay