Best Ways to get Great Holiday Snaps

    If you’re on holiday and want to create a memento, then the chances are you’ll have your camera at the ready. While you might have an idea of how you want the picture to turn out, the actual results may leave you feeling lacklustre. Follow these tips to take better holiday snaps that you’ll want to share.

    Make it Dynamic

    While a still scene might look nice, a dynamic one will be much more likely to catch your eye. Scenes that have some action lines naturally draw in the viewer and make it a more exciting image to view. Jumping into water, climbing trails and even eating add action and feeling into the frame.

    Simple poses and still images aren’t as interesting for our eyes to look at, so they tend to fall a bit flat. Capturing a dynamic moment helps you to look back and remember how you felt at that time, rather than just having the landscape to reference. Not all of your photos have to be like this, but they will definitely add some life into your holiday album.

    Compose your Image

    You may be accustomed to just pointing and shooting when it comes to taking photos, but this isn’t always the best course of action. Taking a few moments to compose the photo will help to draw the eye into the frame. Using a natural frame, like a doorway or a piece of architecture, will create a composition that’s pleasing to look at.

    You can experiment with different types of composition over the course of your holiday and you’ll probably notice your skills improving as time goes on. Using different framing techniques and looking back on the ones that work best will get you becoming a pro in no time. Undertaking photography courses in London will help you to create this in your photos, as this can be a pretty advance technique for you to get to grips with.

    Use Angles to your Advantage

    Flat images just aren’t as exciting to us as viewers as they can be. Using angles and layers to your advantage when taking a picture will direct your viewer to what you want them to look at. Even if you’re taking a picture of a friend, you can position yourself to make the background more angular and interesting.

    Creating tension and movement in the picture is what makes it enticing to look at. This will have others wanting to see your pictures to experience the action too.


    While you might be more accustomed to Instagram filters than photo editing software, it doesn’t have to be daunting to try this out. There are a lot of apps out there that you can use to brighten, crop and improve your photos. Try out different software to find out which ones you like using most.

    You can also create videos with your photos to share too. These highlight reels can be shared on your social media to give others a snapshot of your holiday.

    Image: Pixabay