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Services Offered by Property Management Companies

    Property owners benefit greatly whenever they involve property management companies. The process of dealing with tenants on your own can be very tiring and challenging. Property owners get less stressed, have much more freedom, and create their time whenever they are assisted by property managers since they no longer have to struggle with residents and lawsuits. It is therefore important that you hire a competent, trustworthy, and efficient property management company to deal with any situation concerning the property, therefore, reducing any headaches.

    Property management companies such as property management San Antonio have a lot of duties to perform on behalf of the owner. Some of the services they offer to property owners include.

    • Property Evaluation

    Property managers are always involved in comprehensive documentation of the interior and exterior conditions of the property including a compilation of pictures. They then make recommendations on the required repairs and aesthetic improvements required that may help in rent maximization. They then collect information regarding rental rates and discuss with the owner to settle on an optimal allowable rent rate.

    • Marketing Property

    This process begins with preparations done on the house to ensure it is suitable for the next occupant. They ensure the house is cleaned, repaired, and ready. This is then followed by the creation of advertisement mediums such as fliers and posters. The managers provide details and a number to contact in case there is someone interested and meet various potential clients to view the house.

    • Tenant Screening and Selection

    Property managers then proceed to screening a tenant and doing background checks that will help them discover the tenant’s identity, rental history, income, and credit history. After this analysis, they settle on a tenant and inform those that were not accepted.

    • Tenant Move in and Out

    A lease agreement is then offered to the client together with specifications collected on the moving-in date, terms and conditions for rent payment discussed with the client, report signing by the client, and payment of the first month’s rent and deposit charges. During the period when a tenant is prepared to move out and move out, the managers are also involved in accessing any damages that occurred during their stay and ensuring they are catered for from the tenant’s deposit before refunding.

    • Rent Collection and Eviction

    Property managers have the duty of ensuring that tenants pay their rent in time. They are therefore expected to receive the rent, track down the tenant in case of late payments, sending to tenants notices, and reinforcing to ensure the tenants pay fees charged on late payments. In situations where the tenant has not paid completely, the managers will file paperwork and unlawful detainer action. If a court case is involved the property managers, stand-in, for the owner and work hand in hand with the law enforcement to evict the client.

    • Maintenance, Repairs, and Renovations

    Overseeing house repair and maintenance crew as they do their work is done by the property managers. They establish what repairs are needed, find licensed and qualified contractors to work with, and assign them various tasks to be completed. They also ensure that the outdoors is well maintained, cleaned, and monitored. Large projects for property remodeling are also organized and overseen by property management companies.


    To thrive in property management, most property owners are now choosing to work with property managers to protect their investments. Most people who own more than one property normally involve the property managers to handle all the dirty work that comes with property maintenance management and repairs and focus on making more investments. These companies offer numerous services to the tenants, landlords, and the property itself.